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Mona Hansen Mona Hansen från Stockholm skrev den 2019-04-15 den 15:57:
Two years ago I came to dr. Ma more dead than alive, I almost had no place in my body not to ache. I lived all my life with multiple chronic ailments, one harder to bear than the other one. When I met first time dr. Ma I was almost hopeless, no other doctor could help me any longer. I started a treatment consisting of 10 sessions, then I continued systematically a 1 month treatment to maintain and improve my health condition. My stamina has increased, but what is the best is that all those terrible pains have diminished from 10 to 1 or 2 (on the pain scale). The 15 years old sores on my legs had reduced dramatically, and now we try to heal the last two scars. We also work now on my thyroid gland (hypothyroidism); we managed to lower TSH from 49 to 17. The first thing you heal with dr. Ma is your soul, her professional extended competence, her humanity and compassion are boundless, you feel you are not just a body or a number as you can feel everywhere, but you are a whole human, with body, mind and soul. And the most precious gift from dr. Ma is hope, you start love life, you start to dream and hope again! Thank you with all my heart, dr. Ma!